The Hudson River Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, Inc.

ACBS is the premier organization to join for people who want to learn, participate and enjoy the fun of classic & vintage boating.

For over 40 years, The ACBS has been an international family oriented, boating society that is devoted to the preservation, restoration and education about classic boating. Ownership of a classic boat is not a requirement for membership.

As members of the Hudson River Chapter, our interest is rooted in a personal story or experience in our lives. 
As a group with a unique perspective on a common interest, our camaraderie sparks new energy in the continuing effort not just to own but to preserve the historic design, integrity and structure of classic boats.   
Sometimes a single photo, story, or comment brings inspiration or drives the solution to various challenges in the continuing effort to maintain the historic continuity in antique and classic boat ownership and maintenance.   
This website is our link in the chain of preservation and enjoyment.

                           BOAT SHOW information - August 18, 2018

1920 Hutchinson "The Queen"

1920 Hutchinson "The Queen"

1959 Yellow Jacket Capri


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